A couple of days to blog about

Well, I've just got back from a little road trip to Southampton
and there is no:
needle-dropping tree
wii-winning son
lovely-looking mrs or daughter
FA Cup winning result for Norwich
untidying presents waiting for homes
appetizing food for the cats
clean tea pot

but, there is:
football on the TV
space to stretch out
wine open
liquorice all sorts

So I'm pretty happy, but a little tired.

Yesterday I had my first trip to London for a while.
I saw three different meeting rooms, 2 underground trains and three stations, 1 taxi, loads of cups of instant coffee and lots of 'new media types'. I felt quite over dressed in my jeans and t-shirt. I did spot a corner of the London eye, out of the corner of my eye, so I knew I was really in the big city.

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