Day 30 2008

Up at seven, cycled to work, fresh air, lovely, in at eight, around 50 emails waiting, because I was in Chester, yesterday, replied to some, meeting at nine, meeting at ten, meeting at eleven, meeting at twelve, meeting at one, longer one with colleagues from Malaysia, interesting, more emails, couple of difficult things, left at five, early today, cycled home, lovely, jumped in car, bought petrol, drove to Bury, visited hospital, saw unwell good friend, she's getting better, left hospital, another hour home, because I went fast, slurped soup, lovely, taxi service to youth group, home, cup of tea, lovely, wrote this, don't know what next.

This is what I like to see: an NU dynamo - While I've got me feet up I can rest assured that there is someone out there working like billy o earning the dividends on my NU shares. Hard life for some innit?
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