Happy New Year
2 many glasses of wine
Thousand people on the beach in Southwold today
and no where open for a cup of coffer or lunch
Ate too much already though this holiday

Yesterday I sat in the car coming home from work, in a queue because everyone else was driving to the sales, listening to a program on the radio about 2008 being the year of the environment and green issues, and we all had to do our part. Seeing as work is only a couple of miles from home and it's usually quicker to cycle, I thought I should definitely make more effort this year to jump on my bike. Especially as I don't really have a car park space. Problem is it rains too much, and I feel the cold, and I have a heavy bag usually, and I'm not so young as I was, and it's harder to nip out at lunch time . But. So out with the bike in the morning. And out with the waterproofs.

Apart from used waterproof trousers, I'm wondering whether 2008 will bring anything else?

Getting to work? You could try this: wrap yourself up in brown paper and post yourself. Don't bother with the postage: NU need your services so badly that they will pay for it when the parcel arrives. Better than a company car.
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