This is Guinness
It's a drink
Kind of beer
I'm sure you know
I had one tonight
I had two
in quick succession.
They were good.
The first was good
because it was the
first beer of the year.
The second was good
because I said I was going to
be 'dry' in January.
And that's rebellious
Which is good
One Thursday a year.
I watched a programme about Guinness a
few weeks ago.
Apparently it's been taken
taken over by a real man's drink.
I met a lady today who could have been
called Rose.
She was from London
She wore a pink top
But definitely not Rose.

Never been too keen on Guinness myself – too much like sump oil. I much prefer something I can see through (like Rose’s pink top) with a subtle taste and best of all with lots of CO2 bubbles – e.g. lager or fizzy spring water. In fact if it were thirst quenching I’d settle for the empty glass, which after all they tell us now contains a lot more C02 than it used to, so it could be a hit with me. But I’m not quite sure what sales pitch you’d have to use to sell empty cans and bottles to people. I suppose a start would be to scrap the use of the negative, discriminatory and politically incorrect sounding word ‘empty’ and use something like ‘infinitesimally full’. I could be onto something here, don’t you think?
What a shame you didn't quite make your mini "resolution". Does this mean you're going to give making February your dry month a go?
What I don't understand is how can anyone drink two pints of sump oil in quick sucession given it's viscosity?
it's fairly easy. in the same way as my old escort used to get through 2 pints. only differnce is I don't leave a trail of blue smoke behind me.
Trail of blue smoke: I once bought a car that did that when I put my foot down, but the second hand car salesman told me it was the bat drive kicking in.
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