Beer up
Wine up
Petrol up - later
Nothing down
Except my pile of pounds
which will be disappearing quickly
Good job I brew my own beer.
I had one tonight just to check it was still ok
and effectively free of tax.
It was good
But the real reason for the beer
was to commiserate my blown laptop
the 'work' one
which is a real pain
and we have no money at work
to replace it
because we've given it all away to poor policy holders
who's houses have blown away.

Don't forget the shareholders too Steve, they get their cut...
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Shareholders get their a cut? Too right! 'Cut' is the name of the game with NU shares prices at the moment: Just look at this 'cut' price share:

NU Share price
14 Mar 2008 at 17:48


Delayed 15 minutes.

Disgusting! There was time when it was nearer 1000.00p. Just my luck: I invest in an insurance company and a creeping global crisis suddenly crops up with floods, winds, earth quakes, the lot. So much for my life of reily I was hoping for. Come on Helsie baby, campaign a bit harder for recylcing and get the world's climate back track and save my NU shares! You know you want to!
Nah! I'd rather companies struck a better balance between affordable, accessible services and profits. Surely the aim of an insurance company is to insure? That's what people pay for. To grumble that people all want money is illogical. NU (and others) need to see the long game which means that maybe times are rough at the moment but they have been (and will be) very profitable. That profit should kept for times of lean such as today.
Anyhow the world of capitalism isn't going to change because of my ramblings and I'm sure Steve is going to console me with his words of wisdom any time soon...
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