A single orange was bought on the train on Friday night on the way back from the big smog and that orange cost a poor punter £1.40 which is indeed incredible my can of Stella only cost a little more at £2.40 so I'm thinking something is wrong here. Today was Mothering Sunday just for the record and we all have been mothered by somebody somewhere in our past or even the present for one or two or even more of my readers and that means we are grateful and happy and get to give presents unless our mother is a way away in which case a card has to suffice. Tonight I had to think about my Achilles heel which in other words is the vulnerable part of me that could well let me down again or set me off the rails not the rails on which the orange was bought or the rails in which my mother set me but the rails of my future so I shall keep my eyes on my Strength and Hope and Friend who is my forever Guide.

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