Not often that I have a little rant;
but how annoying is it that people
yes people
insist on booking meetings at lunch time
"let's have a lunch and learn session"
"let's fit in a discussion at lunch time"
"only time in the diary is lunch time-sorry"
one-offs are fine
but looks like it will be everyday this week
(except tomorrow when I've booked squash)
and even more annoying
is a lunch time meeting
in the basement
with no air, no windows, no light, no fun.
Believe me
it's not fun, I don't like it, I object
etc etc
close rant.

No air, no windows, no light ... NU is getting more like a sweat house everyday. That's alright jack if it weren't for the fact that my NU shares are still going down - if they were going up at least that would make all the sweat worth it (for me anyway).
It's not often that I have a lunch break- if I do it'll be half an hour. Sorry it's a tough week though. Maybe the answer is to say "No, I'm sorry I'm not available to do that"?
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