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Yesterday, with the mind working over matter, I put the palm of my hand through a relatively thick block of wood, thus proving that the head and mind is/are amazing, and physical strength don't matter too much. Focus. No bruise, no pain, just two pieces of relatively thick wood to show for all that effort.
Yep, I was on a motivational course.
And I feel motivated.
So over the next few days I might drop in a bit of learning or quotes, like for example.
"We don't always believe what we see, but we always see what we believe".
It's early, I'm up and about. Madness maybe. Off to do some Spring Cleaning in the middle of Summer - how does that work?

Heck Stevie! Give us a demo in church on Palm Sunday! Mark could surely use it as a nifty sermon illustration! No wonder people fall over when Benny Hinn and Todd Bentley hit them with their palms -they've probably been on the same course. You never know Stevie, you might have the same gift! Why not try it out next Sunday?
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