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So today I had the pleasure of working in local radio well about 16 or so to be a bit more accurate and it was good although tiring doing back to back the good thing was it was all in the same place so not actual travelling although we must have covered around 2,000 miles and by the end I kind of knew what I was doing which definitely was not the case at the beginning but maybe that was because it was far too early in the day and I was particularly pleased to be sharing the studio with a really grand American who was telling me all about the latest 777 point crash and the election and the bankrupt morality of capitalism all all this other stuff that I didn't know and now I have to go and reflect and check that I actually know where all the monthly budget goes.

No one's commeted on you're blog since July 23rd
how does that make you feel?
I feel great - and especially blessed because you have broken the drought x
I know i'm just so nice like that
People still read even if they don't comment Becca. :)
And my comment on this post is that I'm not entirely sure what you've been up to with the travelling and the local radio.
All I know is that you bumped into my husband on the 4 o'clock train from Liverpool Street on Friday afternoon.
Good times.
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