Serious note
After yesterday's rather silly joke, thought it's about time I wrote something about me and what is going down. Well, are you sitting comfortably. I started the week. It started like any other, on a Monday (well technically Sunday). Then 24 with Jack didn't Sky Plus properly. Disaster. Then in the middle I went to London with the aim not to throw stones at big glass windows in support of the anti-progress thugs. I succeeded. In fact the only evidence of any thuggery was the police sirens in the distance and the pugeons dive boming me as I ate some lunch. I had 4 coffees on the trip, so was flying high. All week I have been watching the grass grow on my lawn - which is interesting because I had thought it was all moss. Fri was another National Express joy-trip to London. Particularly nice because on the way back I had two screaming kids with two adults, who looked like they were on their way back from from smashing windows. This week, also, I have responded to around 500 emails, worn 7 pairs of socks (a record maybe!), heard about over 1,000 colleagues loosing their jobs, met a chap I thought I'd seen the last of 4 years ago, watched 3 hrs 17 mins of my favourite movie....dances with wolves and had dinner with all of my favourite people. Today will top it off with a famous Norwich City victory over a Sheffield team who should only play mid week. Next week no doubt will be a wholly (different) week.

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