Walk Out
The story went like this........
went out last night, around 8 ish
went to Pizza Express
once again it was 75% full,
but they couldn't possibly
squeeze in two for at least 40 mins
a bit rubbish,
do they want those tables empty all night.
Bella Italia
plenty of space
and now I know why;
bottle of wine arrived
pretty good
pizza....... o dear
the first was sent back uncooked
apparently they don't have a pizza oven
so cooking from the top under a grill
leaves the base as uncooked dough
the same pizza came back 5 mins later
this time with the topping very well cooked
but the base still raw dough
So we left
Walked out
The poor waitress did great
not her fault they sell pizza but have no oven
a lot rubbish.
Belgium Monk - Brilliant
beer, chips with mayonnaise, tender lamb
cooked to perfection.
Well done - I'll be back
but Bella Italia and Pizza Express in Norwich
forget it.....

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