Golly, nearly a week
since I last wrote
and that's because
I've not been home.
But I am now.
So how about I write something.
Random and not connected.
My car cost me lots of pennies this week
brake pads, discs, pipes.
My teeth cost a few pennies
bit of scale and polish
highly recommend for everyone.
Some similarities between car mechanic and teeth mechanic?
FlyBe took me on a trip to Manchester
very nice
Virgin Trains brought me down to London
very nice
National Express Trains East Anglia threw me about a bit
not good -but did get me back to Norwich.
Helped by a lovely lunch from Marks and Spencer.
The trip to Manchester was to remember Joan
my 'grandma'
who died
And is now, I imagine, singing all those hymns she loved
with a multitude of angels.
It was great to remember her
she was indeed a very fine lady.
Now I'm getting ready for Easter.
Happy Easter everybody!

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