Sunny Shine
And must be a t least 20 degrees
And that means that the nettles
And other such nasties are rampant
And having a great time
And taking over the garden
And trying to sting me to death.

And maybe, just maybe I should just blast everything in sight
And kill anything that's green
And then buy concrete.
And have no more worries about hands
And arms and face
And ankles and legs
And stinging stinging stinging

And talking of useless things which might pop up anywhere
And sting you....... less than 2 weeks now
And the election will be over.
And so we'd all better start spending before VAT goes up to 20%
And stack the bought items in our cellars
And think about when we could possible use, eat, drink play with it all.
And we better start campaigning
And waiting for the follow up election in 12 months time.
And pray that it's not another hung parliament.

commendable work!
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