Today I was mostly hot except for a couple of shops I went in which were pretty cold and felt amazing and walking out reminded me of when I was in US a few years back and opened the car door and was hit by a wall of heat the funny thing was the cold shop was the one that was selling fleeces and hats and walking boots all of which I have now in prep for my trek which is almost upon me and I am so looking forward to it although I do hope they capture the guy who has a gun and is roaming around the north east of england looking for policemen to attack golly a policeman's lots is definitely not a happy one at times like this on the other hand the policeman who was directing traffic around a broken down ford today seemed to be having much more fun as was I at the time because I was enjoying a flat white and for those of you in the know you will understand that these are just great as is chunky monkey ben and jerries which I indulged in a little while back in an effort to ccol down getting back to the heat the rhubarb in the garden is definitely looking a bit wilted which is I suspect what I will be in the heat of the upstairs rooms and if I can't sleep I may well come and add some punctuation to this

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