In the news today,
4 interesting stories
which are worthy of comment and doubt!
First - William Hague - has he acted inappropriately. I doubt it, all that this story shows is the base nature of the British media - shame on them.
Second - Middle East peace talks - again - let hope some success, but somehow I doubt it.
Third - memoirs of Mr Blair - he's been doing the rounds of interviews to try and sell his book. I thinks he's a good chap and tried his best for the country, but will other people think this, I doubt it - people generally like to have a go.
Fourth - Stephen Hawkin - he thinks that science could explain the creation of the universe and that the big bang was an inevitable consequence of the laws of Physics. Seeing as no one can accurately describe the laws of Physics, including Mr Hawkin, and seeing as what no one can describe how the laws of physics started then I doubt he is right, I still rather believe in the God who created the laws in the first place.

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