St Peter
Today St Peter's is in London. I will not be travelling down. But will watch from a distance. I've listened to couple of speeches. Considering his age and frailty I can just about make out 'vot he svays' and although quite theoretical he is spot on when he says that the things of this world (drugs, alcohol, celebrity, materialism) do not last for ever (in fact just a fleeting moment) but in contrast the love of God does, always has and always will last forever. Well done.
I did struggle when he said he was Gods representative on earth,
I was pleased he didn't mention Henry the Eighth!
I liked the quote that "every economic decision has a moral consequence".
I don't really get the workings of the Holy See.

My big question is why the Pope (this, and all previous in recent centuries) will not eat in public. So no banquets or dinner parties, or hot dogs or even ice creams. I wonder why.

So, instead of going to London and landing a plum seat in Hyde Park, I'm going to go buy a plum tree and park it my gradually evolving garden.

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