I'm very happy that today I bought a clock. A task never undertaken. And this clock had been waiting for a long time. In fact it had ticked 1.67 billion times before I was even born. And every one of the ticks and tocks was the clock calling out to me. Well now we are united. And I am patiently waiting for the first gong. I am very excited.

I also bought some new slippers today. Not quite so exciting, but at least the house wont smell of rotten feet/slippers - for a few weeks. When will someone invent smell-less slippers.

The other exciting thing these last few days was the Miliband Muddle. Brothers battling out to lead the Labour Party. Not Old labour, not New labour - but apparently a new and optimistic generation. I wonder how many ticks of my clock before the General Election. I reckon about 63 million ticks.

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